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A frightfull landing

snow 4 °C

So I flew back into Baltimore BWI airport last night, returning from a week Holiday back home in Texas, and had a parade waiting for me on the runway to welcome me back. After 2 almost landings, the pilot came on and said we were having some "gear" problems (not as if we already knew it was landing "gear" problems as he had lowered and raised them twice while circling the runway). Finally after an hour of circling, the pilot came back on and said "no worries, we think its a faulty indicator light, and we will land in the next few minutes then". He also added, "dont be alarmed by the parade of fire engines waiting for us on the runway though, its just a precausion". And boy were there fire engines, about 8 of em! and they followed us all the way to the gate (just as a precausion). I am happy to announce that I am alive and in one piece, though, a little dissapointed as the parade could have used a big blow up character of some kind.

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Going Home

I am finally taking a trip home for a visit next week. I have been living here in Maryland for going on 6 months now and have missed Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years. I think I owe my parents a good week long trip home for sure.

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